Every Meal Counts, Spread the kindness!

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Support the Festival, Donate to Keep the Entry Free for all

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Donate to Nova Multifest to keep Event Free Entry

The Nova MultiFest Society has launched a new program to address the homelessness crisis in Nova Scotia.

Here’s how it works: Click the Help Now! button or scan the QR code to buy meal vouchers that will be delivered to an organization that works with people experiencing homelessness. The vouchers can be used to buy meals in the food tent at our annual multicultural festival. 

You will be providing much more than a meal. You will be providing someone an opportunity to fully participate and experience the festival. This means community connection and a meaningful cultural experience. Often, when someone is homeless, they get disconnected from their community and society. Although festival admission is free, there is still a huge financial barrier when it comes to accessing the food tent, which is filled with local vendors of many international cuisines and is a big part of the festival experienceEveryone deserves to be able to celebrate culture with their community. The festival creates an atmosphere of togetherness, and some people need this feeling more than others. Thank you for your generosity.