Darren Fisher, MP, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

Nova Multifest - Darren Fisher, MP, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

Darren Fisher portraits CD__4818 13 June 2018 Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 13 June, 2018. Credit: Christian Diotte, House of Commons Photo Services © HOC-CDC, 2018

Canada is a nation that is proud of its diversity, and is a welcoming home for people from every corner of the globe. Multiculturalism is at the heart of Canada’s identity, as is inclusion, and celebrating the cultural diversity of our community is a fantastic way for us to promote inclusion for all Canadians.

That’s why I am so enthusiastic to support the Nova Multifest Society. The Society seeks to promote inclusion both now and for future generations of Nova Scotians by fostering an appreciation for the countless cultures that make up the Canadian mosaic.

The Society’s efforts to do this are perhaps best exemplified by Multifest, which will have numerous ways – ranging from enthralling performances to delicious food – for Nova Scotians to get a taste of their neighbour’s culture. By granting communities an opportunity to celebrate their culture with other Canadians, this will help lead to a more inclusive place to call home. And, I am certain the Multifest will be a highlight of the summer for many Nova Scotians for years to come!

I hope that you’ll attend Multifest to soak in all the flavours, music, and fun! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who have helped coordinate this wonderful festival.

Best wishes,

Darren Fisher
Member of Parliament
Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

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